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About Us

HACCP International is a highly specialised project management company with its sole activity being the provision of technically qualified personnel and services to the food industry.

Our purpose is to identify and manage hazards, reducing the risks of food contamination events through the development, implementation and ongoing operation of comprehensive, HACCP based Food Safety Programmes.  These programmes are tailored to the particular needs of each individual and group enterprise.

Suppliers to the food industry can have their products endorsed as food safe under HACCP International guidelines, providing a strong marketing platform to the food safety conscious sector of the industry.


Food contamination events, including outbreaks of food poisoning, are a major health problem globally. The estimated number of food poisoning occurrences exceeds 50,000,000 per annum and there are many more cases of injury from foreign bodies. The cost effect of these failures is high and steadily increasing through harsher penalties for vendors and, more commonly today, litigation. Additionally, a major incident can have catastrophic consequences for intangibles such as brand value and customer loyalty. From the media, and almost daily, one learns of food handling failures. Unfortunately for the vendor, modern media techniques ensure a wide and attentive audience.

These are possibly the foremost reasons for the implementation of a thorough systemic approach to food safety. Such an approach must be rigorously enforced in order to maintain measurable standards of cleanliness, food handling and storage.

With offices in key international markets, we are an organisation with global reach in the science of applied food safety and food technology. Unlike other organisations, our specialisation in a single field provides for impressive knowledge of the processes, risks and controls required within a demanding and increasingly technical industry. We are devoted to the development and implementation of HACCP based food safety programme and the provision of technical services and compliance requirements of food companies and the products and services that support them.

Furthermore, our technologists are highly trained and experienced ‘industry’ people with ‘floor’ knowledge. Such experience makes them very aware of the major commercial and operational issues that surround the production process.

This background translates into strong communication links and a common understanding with management and operational personnel alike, and a programme that works – every time.