High-speed interior doors should deliver both efficiency and safety in your operations. But with the pace of industry accelerating, so do the demands placed on these doors. They must perform faster and safer than ever in more challenging and higher-risk environments.

Across all kinds of industries, businesses are looking to make their operations more automized, increase the speed of processes in their production lines and reduce their energy use — all while protecting people and goods.

Higher-performing, high-speed doors are the right solution to meet these ever-growing demands. Because these doors now come with a wider offering of features and can fit a whole range of industry applications. So, what should you now consider when choosing a high-speed door for your demands?

Integrated safety and hygiene

Higher-performing, high-speed doors are designed to accelerate the flow of people and goods, maximize protection and ensure a more comfortable indoor climate. As such, certain features should come standard like an integrated safety light curtain and a break-away and reset system. These will reduce downtime, allowing for better operational efficiency.

The design of your doors is also vital for improved safety and speed. A high-speed door with a soft-bottom profile, for example, means it has no rigid parts so the door can give way to an obstruction — further improving the safety conditions of the workspace.

In addition, with a well-insulated foam curtain, noise levels can be reduced as well as the energy loss between production areas — improving the indoor environment for workers.

And for operations that must meet stringent hygiene demands, your high-speed doors must be designed specifically to perform in humid or corrosive environments.

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