Cleaning and Maintenance Services

Ace Filters International

ACE Filters International manufacture fry oil filters for all filter machines including the ACE Econopump Filter Unit. ACE Miracle Fry Oil Powder extends oil life reducing free fatty acids. ACE exports these products

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Aeris Enviromental

Aeris Hygiene Services are specialists in the remediation and protection of cool rooms from microbial contamination, using the patented range of AerisGuard products to:

– Safely and hygienically remove mould and bacteria from FDCs and other cool room surfaces
– Protect the FDC and other cool room surfaces from re-contamination for a period of 6 months.
In addition to the obvious sanitation and health benefits provided by an AerisGuard treatment our customers have also seen a significant improvement in system efficiency including:
– Up to 250% improvement in airflow
– In excess of 10% increase in cooling capacity
– Inferred energy savings of up to 10%

AerisGuard Range Hood Coating. – removable film for coating range hoods – an aid to cleaning

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Challenger Services Group

Cleaning is an important sub section of all HACCP programmes for all healthcare and food and beverage business’s ability to manage procedures, meet measurable standards and document its performance is critical to its maintenance of HACCP accreditation.

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Integrated Premises Services

Integrated Premises Services (IPS) is a leader in the provision of specialty cleaning services to Australia and New Zealand. IPS has been certified Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) proficient in Australia and as a result provides production cleaning to some of the foremost pharmaceutical manufacturers, hospitals and aged care facilities in Australia and New Zealand. IPS also provides antibacterial cleaning and swab testing to our clients for their GMP compliance.

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Oz Tank

OZ-TANK are the leaders in the kitchen soak tank industry these Australian made systems are designed to clean all your heavy end kitchen equipment char grills stove tops pots pans trays hood range filters and much more the tank uses a HACCP accredited food safe solution(carbsolve) and is based around the key principals of time saving wage saving and the use of non caustic user friendly products for further information contact OZ-TANK.

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Wash it Australia

Wash It Australia your Truck Wash and Mobile Truck Washing Specialists.This business has grown to become one of the most successful of its kind in the industry. Wash It Australia also offers specialized washing services for warehouse and cold room cleaning. Wash It Australia’s Services include: Prime Mover Washing, Trailer Washing, Rigids Washing, Truck and Dog Washing, Bus/Coach Washing, Container Washing, Forklift Washing and Motor Home Washing to name just a few

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