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Aaclaim Quality Sales

We are manufacturers and wholesalers of food packaging products such as plastic storage containers etc., for the Hospitability Industry, Private & Public Hospitals, Food & Wine Manufacturers, Government Catering Departments, Catering Equipment Suppliers and Furniture Manufacturers.
Our Product Range includes: Food grade plastic stack and nest crates, Food serving items for Cook & Chill application, Disposable plastic and paper products for the food service industry, food packing material, plastic storage containers, Kitchen, Serving Ware, Barware, Protect Clothing.

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Kadant is a global supplier of high-value, critical components and engineered systems used in food processing and related industries. Our innovative continuous roll cleaning, scraping, and flaking equipment and systems improve runnability, increase productivity, and enhance safety within the process.

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KEEPLASTICS AB and its founders Allan & Gunilla Ejeblad, formulated a blend of specialty plastic resins, along with a unique manufacturing process, to create kee-seal Disposable Piping Bags.
We were aware of the increasing hygiene demands in catering and bakery business and that the traditional piping bag could not meet these demands. For various reasons the disposable piping bags in the market at that time were not good enough for professional users. The kee-seal factory team has remained laser focused on producing just one item.

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SPM Drink Systems

Through the design, creation and production of hot, chilled and frozen drinks dispensing systems for the food service industry, SPM is a market leader in technological research. To this day, SPM builds it’s future plans on the ability to innovate, researching advanced technologies, realising energy savings, while maintaining great fuctionality and, unbeatable production capacity of products.

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The Juggler

The Juggler is a breakthrough milk on tap system designed specifically for cafes, which is proven to improve efficiencies in filling milk jugs and assist in eliminating plastic bottles from the café waste stream. The Juggler draws milk from refrigerated 10-litre bladders into its taps for dispensing. The system’s Jug-Size Sensor recognises the size of the jug used and dispenses an exact measurement of milk pre-set by the barista.Gone are the time-consuming, menial tasks of opening, pouring from and crushing milk bottles. The Juggler revolutionises the way cafes operate and gives baristas more time to focus on the coffee and the customer.

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