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AMR (Active Magnetics Research)

Magnetic Separation Technology and Magnet Validation Services

AMR (Active Magnetics Research) metal fragment control consultants specialise in magnetic separation efficiency analysis in the food industry worldwide. Internationally HACCP endorsed, Active Magnetics Research Pty Ltd provides endorsed magnet verification/validation services and magnetic separator specifications. Risk analysis associated with magnetic fragment control is also available. AMR can also provide assistance with source analysis of metal fragments and metal detector rejections.

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Aurora Process Equipment

Aurora proudly provides the FORCE10 range of high performance magnetic separation systems and magnet verification services for the food & dairy process industry. The Aurora team are renown in the industry for uncompromising commitment to quality and performance We are committed to protecting your product, equipment, and brand!

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Industrial Magnetics

Industrial Magnetics, Inc.: IMI specializes in creating, developing, engineering and manufacturing magnetic separation equipment for our customers’ specific requirements, and we take pride in the quality and performance of our products. When IMI was established in 1961, it was founded with a pretty simple goal in mind – know the customer and the application, manufacture the best solution and deliver it as promised.

Magnattack Global

Magnetic separation technology and services

Magnattack Global is endorsed by HACCP Australia for Magnet Testing Procedures using currently calibrated instruments. The procedure is useful to establish validity of CCP and final magnets used for product security in food processing or packing. Magnattack Global also manufactures endorsed MAGNATTACK™ RE80 ultra High Energy Rare Earth Magnetic Separation Systems to ensure liquid, powder and granular products are free of magnetics including work hardened stainless steel and stone fragments.

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