Refrigerators and Refrigeration Service

Danfoss is a next-generation cold chain management system that collects real-time temperature data from production, transportation, storage, distribution and the supermarket. It’s cloud-based control platform offers single-view access to all data points via computer, mobile phone, and tablet, and relevant data is displayed on simple, easy-to-read dashboards. Documentation for traceability and compliance is automatically compiled and presented in reporting formats.

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Misa is a brand of the Epta group, specialized in design and manufacturing of commercial/industrial coldrooms. Established in 1969, Misa is a leader in the refrigeration sector, offering state-of-the-art quality and safety food preservation technologies.
With the Misa range of products, customers can build up from a small self- service modular room to large areas used as a logistic base and for slaughterhouses, and, have a choice of small units to large sized hermetic units and rack systems.

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Rejuvenators (The)

The Rejuvenators provide a Preventative Maintenance, Health and Safety Program which is carried out twice annually to prevent all Mould and Bacteria problems.
The service includes the cleaning of all Food and Beverage Cool rooms plus Bar Areas, Temprites and under bar areas, all Refrigerated Cabinets, Glass Washers, Ice Machines and Post Mix Equipment is cleaned and treated with our non-toxic product.

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