Wall and Ceiling Panels

Crane Composites

Protect your facility with Crane resilient FRP wall coverings. Glasbord with Surfaseal creates surfaces that deliver unsurpassed hygiene and durability for commercial environments such as restaurants and food processing plants.
Surfaseal, found only on Glasbord FRP panels, provides a unique barrier. The film finish provides protection that is highly dent and scratch resistant. Because of it’s unique process, the Surfaseal finish will not trap soil or bacteria on the panel.

NS BlueScope (Thailand) Ltd.

SuperDyma® CRP Antibacterial steel contains bactericidal properties that can kill Staphylococcus Aureus and Escherichia Coli. Made from food-grade paint certified for use as wall panels in in sanitary and hygienic environments such as in the food and pharmaceutical industries to fulfill GMP and HACCP requirements. SuperDyma® CRP metal coating is an exclusive technology from Nippon Steel, Japan that offers longer corrosion resistance than conventional zinc-coated steel. It is suitable for cold storage and freezer rooms.