FZP, FZS, SSZ, NFZ!! What do these ‘Food Zone’ codes mean on a HACCP International certificate?

You will find one of these codes on all HACCP International’s certificates. They are there to inform the user as to where, in a food handling operation, they are safe for use. This article explains. Do you eat off the floor?  Of course not!  So, you don’t need a food-grade floor, right?  Wrong!  If you are a food manufacturer, or operate a food handling facility, then you absolutely need a food-grade floor. But how can a material that doesn’t touch food be ‘food-grade’? That’s a question we get asked at lot, at HACCP International.  We operate a certification scheme Read more...


Protecting your most valuable asset – people

More speed. More efficiency. More output. The industrial world continues to run faster, smarter and further than ever, placing ever-greater demands on manufacturing and production. As a result of this, attention tends to focus on the ability of hardware and technology – such as high-speed interior doors – to improve operational performance and efficiency. Read more…


Hand Held Thermometers – Choices and options

Digital thermometers from a reputable supplier are an essential monitoring tool in most food facilities. Many CCPs are monitored by temperature checks and this is because heat (or the lack of it) is used to control the growth or kill micro-organisms. Modern thermometers are electronic and feature microprocessor driven probes or even detectors capable of reading infrared radiation but around 300 years ago temperature measurement as a science was in its infancy. In 1714 Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit invented the mercury in glass thermometer and went on 10 years later to develop the temperature scale that bears his name. Fahrenheit Read more...

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