As a leading Pest Management product manufacturer and distributor, Pestline always strives to understand their clients’ needs and develop products together with them to meet their exact needs.

Being the first supplier in Asia to  receive  HACCP International’s certification for ‘Fly Sticky Pads’ and ‘Rat Glue-boards’, Pestline has demonstrated it support and commitment to Pest Management Companies with quality glue-boards that  are food safe and meet the needs of food businesses operating to the very highest food safety  standards, giving peace of mind to those businesses, their customers and their auditors

Pestline is also committed to working closely with Pest Managers in the field of food safety It is important that pest operators are aware of their responsibilities and the food safety issues that surround the delivery of this important function in food preparation and food handling premises.

To this end, on 14th October, Mr Bill Simons of HACCP International and Dr Lee LC of Hextar Chemicals Sdn Bhd were invited to share their knowledge and experience at the ‘Pestline Pest Management Seminar 2019’. This was held in Kuala Lumpur and themed on this occasion as ‘Food Safety and Pesticides’.

Forty Pest Management companies from all over Malaysia participated in this event and through the informative HACCP Programme information session learnt a great deal about  HACCP and the expectations that food businesses have these days in terms of  a food-safe service. They left with greater knowledge, a much deeper understanding and confidence in servicing this important sector

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Pestline Pest Management Seminar 2019 attendees

Mr Bill Simos of HACCP International presents at the Pestline Pest Management Seminar 2019