Sumitomo Chemical, a leading supplier of pest management products, hosted a food safety training session for Pest Control Technicians in Bangkok earlier this month. 150 attendees, representing more than 50 of Thailand’s leading Pest Management Companies attended the event at The Montien Hotel.

David Tan Heng-Piu, HACCP International’s Senior Project Manager who is based in Singapore, conducted the food safety training component and introduced the audience to HACCP International’s new best practice standard – Pest Management Services for Food Businesses.

The one-day event concentrated on the requirements of HACCP based food safety programmes, the prerequisites for Pest Management Companies considering applying for HACCP International’s certification and the importance of using appropriate and food safe chemicals, many of which are available through Sumitomo.

The event was a great success with very positive feedback form those who attended and Sumitomo will be offering further such training days in the region in the coming months.

Well done to David and Mr Chen Hsiung Ong of Sumitomo Chemical for organising such a successful event.

David Tan (centre) with delegates from over 50 pest control companies at Sumitomo’s training session.

Mr David Tan with Sumitomos team led by Mr Chen Hsiung Ong

Training presentation by Mr David Tan HP, Snr Project Manager, HACCP International