Reducing the high levels of single-use packaging within the hotel industry is an important initiative which is right at the top of priorities for many venues right now. Removing single-use bottled water from the supply chain and replacing these with a re-usable bottle solution is one of the most cost-effective methods an establishment can implement to make a really positive, immediate impact on achieving their green objectives.

Purezza Premium Water provides high-quality, sustainable water dispensing solutions and re-usable bottles that help venues replace expensive, single-use bottles and eliminate transport and delivery costs. A global provider of freshly dispensed drinking water solutions that has direct supply and distribution in more than 60 countries, Purezza offers a comprehensive package to help hotels remove single-use bottles from almost any space where beverages are served. This includes solutions for restaurant, bar, in-room, poolside, conference and event areas.

Our flagship dispensing machine, the P2 Firewall™ Bar Classe Series, is proudly HACCP International certified, the first and only water dispenser to achieve this highly-regarded certification globally. Furthermore, “Classe” is also the first water dispenser in the hospitality industry to incorporate the highly-certified Firewall™ UVC purification technology.  Firewall™ technology has been tested and proven up to 99.9999% effective in eliminating bacteria and viruses from drinking water and 99.99% effective against COVID-19.

Our bespoke, eco-friendly, reusable bottle range replaces expensive pre-packaged water and, in both function and form, provides the ultimate in hygiene requirements whilst simultaneously elevating the user experience for both the venue and the customer.

Promoting sustainable water supply chains in the hospitality industry using filtered tap water solutions and reducing the use of single use bottles  is a key ambition at Purezza. We are firmly committed to a more sustainable future for our industry.

Choosing alternative water solutions like Purezza and installing equipment such as our HACCP International certified “Classe” machines is a giant step towards adopting sustainable practices and achieving a venue’s environmental goals. Our unmatched level of expertise through our core products, complemented by our extensive, multi-national client support and customer service network, guarantees an offering that is second to none.

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