HACCP International showcases the best food safe equipment and hygiene practices

Food safety: it’s not only a matter of garments, but also of laundry appliances

Professional washing programs are essential to disinfect all garments and cloths used in food manufacturing operations.
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Lumnia LED Fly Control for your business

Rentokil’s innovative Lumnia Fly Control units use LED technology to effectively eliminate flies and protect your business.
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CLEAN HANDS – old dirt, new dirt

Hand hygiene is an area which has received a lot of attention lately, both in the health care industry and in the food industry.  As a result, there’s plenty of new research and new technologies around the topic of hand hygiene.  Here, we take a look at some old ideas and some new ideas.
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A HACCP International certified product profile

Food processers must be food safe compliant throughout the manufacturing process. Kadant Solutions is a leading supplier of HACCP International certified roll cleaning systems
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