HACCP International is a renowned certification body specialising in the certification of food safe equipment, products and services that support the food industry.

The world’s leading food businesses operate to very high standards of food safety and quality and those standards require due diligence in the selection of non-food materials and equipment that have a significant impact on food safety or incidental food contact. HACCP International’s certification scheme is designed to meet that precise need and it is for this reason that many of the world’s leading suppliers of non-food products to the food industry carry the HACCP International certification mark.

These suppliers have demonstrated their products’ fitness for purpose, undertaken that due diligence on behalf of their customer and differentiated their products.

HACCP International’s Certification Scheme

Certification of Food Safe Equipment, Materials and Services – an introduction from our clients and us

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What We Do

Ten key criteria are examined in the process to give full assurance in all facets of food safety. Certified products need to meet all the relevant criteria – not just individual components. Certified products are completely fit for purpose. No ifs, no buts – it is or it isn’t.!

Working with HACCP International’s team of food scientists, the certification process is straight forward, cost effective and 100% relevant to the suppliers’ food industry customers’.

With extensive experience in practical, industrial, on-site food science, HACCP International has a deep, food safety gene pool together with a stable of truly excellent food safe products carrying the mark.

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Below is a selection of companies supplying excellent, food safe products and services to the food and beverage industry – certified by HACCP International. For a complete list visit our registers page