HACCP International showcases the best food safe equipment and hygiene practices

Improve your pest control business with effective and safe formulation - Provecta®

Controls pest populations in locations hard to access with no risk of resistance and leaves no toxic residues at the application sites. Act effectively, safely and economically.
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Northern USA November 2023 client visits

HACCP International Technical Director – Martin Stone, recently travelled to Northern USA regions to meet with several key clients and to discuss how HACCP International can form closer, value-added relationships with our clients.
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Ventilation of food processing facilities

Halton’s innovation and expertise deliver outstanding ventilation products for the food industry
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Elpress and Dyson, a win-win in the field of industrial hygiene

Contamination is a constant threat in food production, but together, Elpress and Dyson are innovating to keep your workplace safe.
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