HACCP International Technical Director – Martin Stone, recently travelled to Northern USA regions to meet with several key clients and to discuss how HACCP International can form closer, value-added relationships with our clients.

“Our clients in the US form a very important part of our global presence and I was excited to meet with these organisations providing a range of the best and most innovative products to the food industry”, says Mr Stone.

On the table for discussion were;

  • Working together – jointly expanding network
  • Design concept reviews for new products for the food industry
  • Training – How HACCP International can provide a food industry viewpoint to training
  • Co-operative Marketing
  • Blogs and Newsletters
  • Expansion of products into the food industry through the certification programme

In St Paul Minnesota, Martin met with the 3M team including marketing, R&D, sales and design engineers.

“3M have been a long term client of the certification programme and it was wonderful to meet with the team behind some of the best known products in use within the food industry”, remarked Mr Stone. “With such dedicated staff and innovative products, it is easy to see why 3M is a clear market leader in so many categories”, he added.

Martin Stone and the 3M team

In the neighbouring state of Michigan, Martin travelled to the town of Boyne City to meet with staff and conduct a surveillance audit at the Industrial Magnetics manufacturing facility.

“The design, materials and considerations that go into the Industrial Magnetics range of magnetic separation equipment are first class”, Mr Stone says, “I have always been impressed with the quality of manufacture from this supplier and their continued dedication to the food industry”. “Their performance verification ensures that the IM product range consistently delivers the kind of superior performance required in final magnetic separation devices”, he adds.

Of course, Industrial Magnetics successfully achieved HACCP International re-certification and congratulations are in order for this achievement.

Martin Stone with Ken Gentner from Industrial Magnetics

Neogen are located in Lansing, Michigan and were also visited by Martin. Supplying outstanding evaluation materials to the food industry including their environmental swab kits, Neogen empower their customers to safeguard their brands and create better products. Meeting with senior members of their marketing, development and Technical Team including their Chief Scientific Officer, Martin gained valuable insights into their product range, quality assurance and commitment to the food industry.

“It was interesting that at every facility I visited, the development engineers and marketing staff alike were intensely interested in feedback and views from the food industry”. This is a key benefit of the certification programme whereby our clients can tap into our extensive industry knowledge to accurately get the perspective of their target market; the food industry” says Martin Stone.

By assisting our certified clients to better understand the issues, trends and key drivers in food manufacturing and food service, our certified clients can tailor their product range and approach to maximise their business in this sector.