CLEAN II INDUSTRY – effective lighting for the challenges of industrial cleanrooms

CLEAN II industry from Zumtobel Lighting provides light for demanding visual tasks where hygiene and excellent illumination are of paramount importance in commercial and industrial kitchens, pharmaceutical production facilities, laboratories, and industrial cleanrooms. Resistant to chemicals, alkaline and heat, CLEAN II industry has a high quality PMMA (Polymethyl methacrylate, also known as acrylic glass) cover that is precisely thermoformed to create an impermeable join between it and the steel housing.

Zumtobel’s PMMA is specially formulated to meet requirements for optical quality and homogeneity, and the material is carefully shaped during the thermoforming process for a perfect fit which makes the cover extra resistant to dust, water and certain corrosive chemicals used in many cleanrooms environments. Additionally, because PMMA does not contain any toxic substances, it is also ideally suited for use in the food industry.

Thanks to its IP65 protection rating dust, water and steam cannot penetrate, whilst the round corners, smooth surfaces and hygienic design of the luminaire make it quick and easy to clean. The luminaire is also IK3 rated against impact resistance. CLEAN II industry provides an excellent optical light distribution with a CRI of Ra 80/ Ra 90 and colour temperatures of 3000K, 4000K or 6000K and is available in both a linear and square version and with a lumen output of up to 6200lm. Further flexibility is achieved through the symmetrical opal optic. CLEAN II industry has been designed in accordance with strict hygiene principles, meeting all legal requirements and ensuring effective lighting for all visual tasks in the cleanroom.

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