About Us

HACCP International is product certification company and part of a highly specialised food science group.

Its purpose is to identify, and thereafter eliminate, hazards in the food supply chain, reducing the risks of food contamination from products, materials and services that support the food industry.

Suppliers to the food industry can have their products certified as food safe under HACCP International’s scheme providing a strong marketing platform to the food safety conscious sector of the industry, giving confidence to the buyer and seller alike as to the product’s total suitability for use in this important industry sector

Only one mark truly confirms a non-ingredient product is food-safe. If its not food-safe in every respect, it cannot carry our mark – simple.

The HACCP International certification mark is aligned with the due diligence requirements of the world’s leading food safety standards and quality systems. Ten key criteria are examined to give that full assurance. Certified products need to satisfy ALL criteria – not just individual components.

It’s either completely fit for its purpose or it’s not! No ifs, no buts, it is or it isn’t

The food industry depends upon its suppliers to provide safe and reliable products and services, Food contamination doesn’t not just come from ingredients and these products and services, be they gloves, cleaning materials, pest chemicals, processing equipment or support services – especially those with a high-risk profile of incidental food contact – need to be just as safe as an ingredient.

Our mark confirms it – food safe in every respect

Unlike other organisations, our specialisation in this single field of products, materials and service used by the food industry provides for impressive knowledge of the processes, risks and controls required within a demanding and increasingly technical industry.

Furthermore, our technologists are highly trained and experienced ‘industry’ people with ‘floor’ knowledge. Such experience makes them very aware of the major commercial and operational issues that surround the production process.

This background translates into strong communication links and a common understanding with management and operational personnel alike, and a programme that works – every time.

With clients in more than 40 countries throughout Asia, Europe and America and offices in key international markets, we are an organisation with global reach in the science of applied food safety and food technology.