Certification of Food Safe Equipment, Materials and Services

What We Do

How We Do It

What We Do

How We Do It

HACCP International’s certification mark confirms a non-food product’s ability to support the integrity and safety of food as demanded by industry expectations, legislation and GSFI (Global Food Safety Initiative) endorsed standards.

Certified products are promoted through HACCP Internationals registers, food safety bulletins, events and promotions. Our registers are often an early port-of-call for food businesses looking for food safe products and materials.

The HACCP International Certification Programme is aimed at organisations that are required to supply ‘food safe’ equipment, materials, machinery, supplies and services to the food industry. Non-food items and services that are used extensively in food manufacturing, handling and supply can have a significant impact on food safety and operators of HACCP based food safety programmes

Through evaluation, continual product review and, as required site inspections, we offer manufacturers, distributors and, importantly, their customers, third party assessment and certification of material safety, accuracy and appropriateness in a food application – issued by an independent organisation of food safety experts.

HACCP International’s approval and endorsement should be considered by suppliers that:

  • Are quality aware and responsive to customers’ needs
  • Want to capitalise on the ‘food-safe’ status of their product
  • Wish to drive the marketing of their product through certification by a recognised and practical body.
  • Need to differentiate their product from less appropriate competitors
  • Have to provide assurance as to a products suitability, conformity and compliance

Typically, certified products and services include:

Cleaning services cleaning materials, chemicals, soaps and sanitizers

Fit out material, cool room equipment, lighting, ventilation systems, and storage items

Pest Control services and chemicals

Processing equipment, dispensers, components and consumables,

Utensils, work wear and food safety items – thermometers, loggers and systems

Construction materials, surfaces and finishes


Those products or services that carry the HACCP International mark can be promoted as food safe and endorsed by HACCP International. Many organisations supplying appropriate and food safe products to the food industry proudly display the HACCP International Food Safety logo in their facilities, on their products, on packaging and in promotional material. The logo is well known, highly recognised and understood by industry to be synonymous with an active and proven dedication to consumer food safety and ‘fitness for purpose’.

Products or services licensed to carry the HACCP International food safety mark also benefit with access to a marketing platform including mail-outs, advertising, marketing initiatives and web-based support. HACCP International runs market awareness and customer support programmes to assist those companies whose product or service carry its mark. Food Safety Bulletins are distributed to thousands of highly targeted businesses (please visit our Bulletins page for recent editions). These offer valuable exposure to the right people in industry around the world. Much of advertising is free of charge for certified products. The bulletin is also a handy directory for food handlers who are looking for conforming products. HACCP Internationals offices are an excellent reference site for the food industry when looking for products or solutions or making technical enquiries about non-food issues. Furthermore, our technical division is never away from the food production line environment as it supports industry with food safety solutions and advice. They too are an excellent reference source and are frequently asked about safe and compatible non-food products.

Our certification process is complementary to GFSI endorsed schemes such as those operated by BRC or SQF.   Indeed, we work with these bodies on matters of products’ fitness for purpose being created.

Download our product brochure for Certification of Food Safe Equipment, Materials and Services here

HACCP International is accredited by JAS-ANZ as a conformity assessment body. JAS-ANZ is a member of The International Accreditation Forum (IAF).  For more details visit www.jas-anz.org