Provides guidelines for facility design with resinous floors, floor drains, and polymer wall protection working as one complete system.

Stonhard, the world leader in manufacturing and installing seamless, resinous floor, wall, and lining systems, announces the release of its new white paper for the food and beverage industry,  A Total Hygienic Solution – Floor, Drain and Curb Research. The white paper was developed to help food and beverage facility managers and decision-makers understand how building design can help improve hygienic outcomes.

Engineering details are critical to food and beverage manufacturing environments where daily abuse from thermal stress, impact, cleaning, and chemical attack affect operations. Failure issues in building design can lead to bacterial growth and expose companies to product contamination. Such events are costly in terms of product recalls, revenue loss, brand damage, and in worst case scenarios, human life.

The research in A Total Hygienic Solution – Floor, Drain and Curb Research, was conducted and presented by the Hygienic Design Committee, a group comprised of experts from Stonhard, Blücher, and PolySto. From each respective area, the Committee members examine and share research results relating to the use of resinous flooring, stainless steel floor drains, and polymer curbs in food and beverage processing plants. The research focuses on individual benefits and effectiveness as well as the compatibility of the three products, working as one complete system.

“With many building products on the market, the Committee sought to produce a comprehensive study on the performance and compatibility of multiple products being used together in the same space with the same exposures,” says David Senn, Global Account Manager, Stonhard.

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About Stonhard
Stonhard carries HACCP International Certification on floor systems for the food & beverage industry. For nearly a century, Stonhard has been the leader in formulating unique flooring solutions for industrial and commercial environments. Stonhard offers a single-source warranty on both products and installation.

About Blücher
BLÜCHER is one of Europe’s leading producers of stainless steel drainage systems with subsidiaries and sales offices across Europe, Russia, the Middle East, USA and China.

About PolySto
PolySto is the leading and preferred European producer of hygienic wall protection for the food and beverage industry.