HACCP International Services

HACCP International’s services may be divided into two key components:

Certification of Food Safe Equipment, Materials and Services


“Materials and equipment used in the food industry
must be food safe and proven to be so”

World’s best practice food safety schemes and quality systems now require food producers and handlers to employ an auditable, due diligence process in the selection of non-food products and supplementary services which may have incidental food contact or a significant impact on food safety.

HACCP International’s certification scheme is designed to meet that precise need and it is their certification mark that is carried by leading manufactures of such products all over the world.

Products that demonstrate food safety excellence in design, materials and manufacture may carry the HACCP International certification mark, confirming their ‘fitness for purpose’ in food processes governed by HACCP programmes and it’s no coincidence that only the very best products do.

If your organization wishes to meet the needs of your food industry clients and demonstrate the food safety credentials of equipment, materials and services and their fitness for purpose, this certification scheme is designed to meet your, and your customers’ needs. Read More



Food Safety Technical Services

“Experienced, practical and results-oriented food
scientists with a track records of successful projects”

HACCP International provides a wide range of food safety technical services to customers throughout Europe, Asia Australasia and The USA. We assist the food industry and support customers by building, delivering and implementing HACCP based food safety programmes and vendor quality assurance systems.

HACCP International also provides training, general and specialist services, food science and food safety consultancy as well as undertaking technical support projects, BRC implementations, auditing and certification services

With significant expertise extending across most sectors of the food industry, including retail, food service, dairy, baking, beverages, meats, seafood and high risk ready-to-eat foods, the organization is well placed and well qualified to provide real solutions that are both flexible and practical. All the food science staff having considerable industry experience and know how it works and how to do it at the manufacturing level.

Working with HACCP International’s team of food scientists is simple, cost effective and 100% relevant to your business. With over a 1,000 years of combined experience in practical, on-site food science and well located in key international centres, HACCP International is well placed to assist in food safety and food science projects, both large and small.

A deep gene pool, a great reputation and enviable track record has to be worth a look. Look at our services page to see how we can best help your business.