Halton invests approximately EUR 1 million in their Béthune factory research and product development facilities and the show kitchen environment that is unique in the world, enabling the company to test their indoor air technology widely and as a part of other professional kitchen technology. The project is a part of the more than EUR 4 million investments into Halton’s operations in France since 2016. Bethune’s renewed facilities will be opened for customers on 31 May 2018.
The new professional kitchen environment in the Béthune factory is an example of particularly demanding show kitchen solutions that are becoming increasingly common around the world, where the challenging circumstances are made worse by the food preparation methods used in different kitchen cultures, causing harmful particle, steam and heat emissions. The new show kitchen environment has all of Halton’s professional kitchen solutions represented, from the ventilated ceiling with integrated human-centric Halton Skyline lighting as well as the energy-saving Halton MARVEL system and Halton Capture JetTM technology that prevents emissions from spreading, to the company’s pioneering hood and fire safety solutions.
Expertise in the heart of Europe
The steady growth of Halton’s Foodservice business operations and customer experiences show that there is demand for expertise that understands professional kitchens, and France is in the centre of this in Europe.
“France operates in the area of strong food traditions and high-level culinary culture as a trendsetter for the European market, which means on its part higher demands for the building technology in restaurant business. The location in the middle of Europe increases the significance of the area as a logistical centre,” says Georges Gaspar, director responsible for Halton’s Foodservice business operations.
He rejoices about the latest investment to support the company’s competitive status in the demanding marketplace:
“With the help of our renewed product development and show kitchen environment, we can further develop and mould our expertise in cooperation with our demanding clientele and top-level cooperation partners. In this way, we best guarantee the wellbeing of both our kitchen staff and restaurant customers in these special and usually very individual environments. The key to our growth is related to top-level customer-based expertise.”
The research and product development centre at Béthune is a part of Halton’s international Innovation Hub network through which you can share expertise and thereby ensure the quality of the solutions and customer satisfaction everywhere in the world. The seven other product development centres of the corporation are located in Kausala, Crépy in France, Rochester in the UK, Scottsville in the USA, Mississauga in Canada, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and Shanghai in China. In the end, the experience of the users of the facilities is what matters.
“Each year, 5,000 professional kitchens around the world are equipped with Halton’s solutions. In this manner, we significantly influence the wellbeing of those working and doing business in the restaurants, which can also be seen in the restaurant’s success,” Gaspar says.
Halton Foodservice produces products and total solutions tailored for each customer for different kinds of professional kitchens in nearly all parts of the world. The solutions combine support for the users’ wellbeing and work efficiency as well as safety and emission management in an energy-efficient indoor environment. The business area comprises more than half of the corporation’s turnover.
Béthune as a part of Halton’s operations in France
Halton built a 7,000 sq m factory complex in Béthune with office premises and product development centres in 1991, after purchasing the French Anemotherm company in 1989. At the same time, the Foodservice business operations in France include also Diffus’Air, purchased by Halton in 2017, which operates still under its own name. The Bethune factory exports solutions to Europe as well as the Middle East and North Africa. Halton’s factory in Crépy, on the other hand, serves the business area producing demanding indoor air solutions for public buildings. All in all, there are almost 200 persons working for the Halton corporation companies in France.
Further Information:
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