Kadant and HACCP International Certification

Kadant U.K. Limited obtained HACCP International certification and is now providing food safe blades and holders to the food processing industry. Certain roll cleaning, flaker, doctor & scraper blades and holders have the HACCP International certification.


  • Improved food safety management processes
  • Reduced production costs
  • Increased food safety standards
  • Supports compliance with industry standards
  • Verified food safe equipment

Kadant HACCP Products

  • AccuClean™ blade holder
  • AccuFlake™ PRO blade holder
  • Carbon Steel™ blades*
  • Polyflex™ blades
  • ProFlake™ blades*
  • Stainlessflex™ blades*
  • Stainless Steel HTSS™ blades*
  • SteelFlex™blades*
  • VeriTek™ blades
  • VeriKleen™ roll cleaner assembly
  • VeriLite™ roll cleaner assembly

*Available with release coating.