Kadant U.K. Limited obtained HACCP International certification and is now providing food safe blades and holders to the food processing industry. Certain roll cleaning, flaker, doctor & scraper blades and holders have the HACCP International certification.


  • Improved food safety management processes
  • Reduced production costs
  • Increased food safety standards
  • Supports compliance with industry standards
  • Verified food safe equipment

Kadant HACCP Products

  • AccuClean™ blade holder
  • AccuFlake™ PRO blade holder
  • Carbon Steel™ blades*
  • Polyflex™ blades
  • ProFlake™ blades*
  • Stainlessflex™ blades*
  • Stainless Steel HTSS™ blades*
  • SteelFlex™blades*
  • VeriTek™ blades
  • VeriKleen™ roll cleaner assembly
  • VeriLite™ roll cleaner assembly

*Available with release coating.