Bill Simos of HACCP International participates as an invited speaker at the inaugural Cook-Chill conference held at the Bangi Golf Resort in  Malaysia on Nov 7-8, 2017. The conference organizers: Ms. Katty Lai of Mise En place and Mr. Chung-Ky  Soh, Director of Bangi Golf Resort could not have expected such an overwhelming result and positive turnout with 345 attendees drawn to the event.


L to R: Bill Simos of HACCP International with the organizers of the Cook-Chill conference: Ms. Katty Lai of Mise En place and Mr. Chung-Ky Soh, Director of Bangi Golf Resort.

Held over two days with 13 invited speakers it was the first of its kind conference held in Malaysia  with participants coming from all over Asia to hear the latest trends, developments and practical insights into Cook and Chill preparation of ready to eat meals.

Quoting, Mr. Chung-ky Soh,  Director of Bangi Golf Resort,  “My objective with this inaugural conference, one of its kind in Malaysia and Asia on Cook-Chill was to bring together suppliers, end users, consultants, practitioners and different experts of their respective fields. To spend two days bringing everyone together to discuss and share best practice in the latest developments in Cook – Chill. We purposely set up a program incorporating speaker presentations with practical demonstrations incorporating equipment innovation creating a live theater of interests. Judging by the feedback and positive comments received so far; Katty and I could not have expected better results.”


L to R: Ms. Diane Fairey, General Manager of Chef Works Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia with speaker; Dr. Rick Stephen, Director of Kitchen SATS Catering share a moment  during one of the breaks with Bill Simos, Director of HACCP International.