HACCP International’s UK Food Safety Forum

On Tuesday 15th May 2018 HACCP International will be hosting its first food safety forum, which quite possibly for the first time, brings together all stakeholders within the food industry, including retailer, food manufacturing, food-service and those supplying equipment, materials and services to the food industry.

Delegates will have the chance to hear, and engage in, presentations covering a wide range of important topics including the roll out and implementation of the HACCP International Standard for Pest Management Services for Food Businesses, the ever-increasing importance of cyber security control within the food industry, the growing influence of blockchain technology and the need to consider, objectively, the current and future trends in hand hygiene control.


Mr Clive Withinshaw – Global Commercial Director, HACCP International
Clive has over seen commercial aspects of the HACCP International Certification scheme since its inception in the year 2000. He will discuss the history of the scheme and its development and growth into a scheme that is recognised and relied upon by the food industry, globally.

Mr Richard Mallett – EMEA Director, HACCP International
Richard joined HACCP International in the year 2010 and comes from a background of food safety compliance within the food industry,which began in 1989 following graduation with a degree in Microbiology. He will demonstrate typical sources and types of food safety risk from a variety of equipment, materials and services used by the food industry, with emphasis on particular control measures,both designed by the product manufacturer, and operated by the user, to mitigate risk.

Mr Richard Werran – Director, EMEA Food, BSI
Cyber sets the scene for BRC grades to tumble; valuable insights into the cyber clauses of the new BRC Global Food Safety Standard Issue 8.
Richard Werran will take you through understanding and appreciation of the new cyber clauses in BRC Food Safety Issue 8. Gain essential knowledge to confidently implement cyber best practice against the new clauses in the standard and enhance your company’s operational resilience.
The British Standards Institution, BSI, is a world leader in Standards and food business resilience. BSI’s team of experts have helped over 80,000 companies to protect and accelerate their brand, supporting over 6,000 food businesses in the global market. BSI believes the world should be supplied safe,high-quality food, and is a true leader of risk management and operational excellence in the food sector.

Mr Louis de Bruin – IBM Digital Operations
Louis is part of IBM’s European Blockchain Leadership team.He has recognized the potential of Blockchain at an early stage and has worked with businesses,governments and academia on Blockchain. As part of IBM Global Business Services he is enabling organizations to develop, build and implement Blockchain in their business ecosystems. He is a frequent publisher and speaker on this topic.

Dr John Hines – Deb Group Ltd
With a background in physical chemistry, John has worked in the research and development of skin care products for over 20 years. For the past 7 years John has led R&D for Deb Group, overseeing their commitment to develop innovative hand hygiene products for both Food and Healthcare workers that are not only microbiologically efficient but also aim to be environmentally friendly and pleasant to use, ensuring high compliance for critical safety.

To find out more about this exciting event, please click on The HACCP International Food Safety Forum Event Leaflet below.


The forum is held within the grounds of one of Britain’s most famous historic buildings, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Canterbury Cathedral Lodge, The Precincts, Canterbury Cathedral, Canterbury, Kent CT12EH.


Trains run half hourly at peak times from St. Pancras to Canterbury West in under one hour on High Speed One. It’s an easy 14-minute walk from there to the venue.

Limited parking is available at the venue and there is plenty of public parking within 5minutes’ walk.

There are a number of hotels within a mile’s radius of the site.   See http://www.canterbury.co.uk/ for more

If you require further information, please email info@haccp-international.com