Coming out of the second and longer lockdown, people all over Europe are storming the terraces to enjoy their first cocktails, meals, and freshly drafted beers. It seems we can get prepared for a busy summer of 2021.

The people in the kitchens and bars, the ones who prepare and serve our daily meals (and drinks) showed immense creativity and innovativeness to overcome the difficulties of the last year.

Bars and restaurants have been closed or have been operating at a lower capacity.

To get your machines and your staff up to speed, we have gathered the most important info for ice maker operators in these quickly changing times.

Clean parts, clean ice.

If you want to re-start your ice maker after a longer downtime, there are some simple steps you can follow to make sure, that the inner parts of your machine are absolutely clean and ready to produce perfect Hoshizaki ice. The goal is to flush the inner workings as well as getting rid of all excess water that might have been trapped inside. Making sure that all remaining water is flushed is an important step to prevent contamination and machine defects. If you want to get started with the cleaning process, make sure to follow the easy step-by-step guide for re-starting Hoshizaki ice makers.

Find here our step-by-step guide for re-starting your ice maker

Tips for sanitary handling of ice

Hygiene and food safety should not be left to chance and should follow professional guidelines.

To help you build your own clean-ice-routine, we have put together the most important Dos and Don’ts when handling your ice and your ice accessories. These guidelines are based on the EU Rules regarding Food Hygiene, which cover all stages of the production, processing, distribution, and placing on the market of food intended for human consumption.

The Sanitary Handling of Ice – The Dos and Don’ts

Sourcing tips for extra food safety

Running a foodservice operation comes with meticulous cleaning routines, an often-underestimated time factor. When sourcing new ice makers, it makes sense to check if the machine comes with design extras for food safety and hygiene.

Easy Clean = Thorough Clean

Read our sourcing tips for smart ice maker owners.

Technology for maximum hygiene

As a fully integrated manufacturer and supplier of commercial refrigeration solutions and ice makers, we are proud to have built a comprehensive portfolio of ice makers, suitable for all types of businesses and purposes. Our product lineup includes Cubers, Flakers, Nugget, Cubelet, and Crescent Ice Makers as well as Special Ice Makers, producing extraordinary ice shapes such as ball ice, heart ice, or star ice. Foodservice professionals will not get around doing some cleaning work. Read here how our smart ice makers help you to stay on track with your cleaning routines.

Learn about Hoshizaki Design Extras for impeccable Food Safety.