The IP66 rated, moisture-proof AMPHIBIA luminaire from Zumtobel breaks new ground in lighting for even the most demanding applications. Its ‘one-material’ concept ensures optimum protection against physical impacts, chemicals and sudden changes in temperature while advanced lighting technology creates a safe and productive working environment. Both the luminaire housing and the diffuser are made from the same high-quality material, composed of Polycarbonate, PMMA or CHEMO, ensuring optimum resistance over the full lifetime of the solution.

AMPHIBIA’s unique Drip-Edge-Effect design meets the strictest hygiene regulations, helping to prevent dirt and detergents from gathering on the fitting. The flat areas where dust and moisture tend to collect on conventional moisture-proof solutions have been replaced by carefully angled surfaces that repel any particles, leading to major improvements in terms of protection and performance. In addition, dedicated versions for extreme temperatures come with a special gear tray and an industry converter, enabling them to withstand ambient temperatures ranging from -40°C to +54°C.

Available in two lengths (1100mm and 1600mm) and seven wiring possibilities, AMPHIBIA has compact proportions that belie its powerful performance and can be specified in three versions, depending on the particular project requirements. The polycarbonate luminaire, with a certified rating of IK08, ensures high resistance against impacts and mechanical stress. The PMMA variant offers outstanding protection against a long list of chemicals, including cleaning agents commonly used in the food industry, while the CHEMO product features a unique Zumtobel plastic compound that combines excellent chemical resistance with robust mechanical stability.

In line with the principles of Active Light, a pioneering Zumtobel concept, four different light distributions cater for specific application requirements. Alongside familiar wide-beam and narrow-beam options, a luminaire with a medium beam for mounting heights of 4-6 metres helps to save energy and cut the number of light points. The AMPHIBIA range is completed by a product with an asymmetric distribution that has been specially engineered (along with the wide-beam variant) to meet the new DIN 67528 norm for lighting in car parks. Five outputs supply up to 10,000 lumens with a luminous efficacy of up to 175 lumens per watt, promising maximum visual quality with minimum energy consumption, while precise glare management and a transparent canopy (with wide-beam and asymmetric-beam versions) boost vertical illuminance and deliver pleasant indirect light for a safer and more effective lit environment.

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