We are proud to be the only HACCP International certified pallet supplier in Australia due to our proprietary Pal-giene™ manufacturing process

30 July 2020: CMTP announced today they can now supply HACCP International Certified Hygiene Pallets. This is a huge win for the food industry as it means the company can now produce a special range of Pal-giene™ certified food-safe pallets.

“We’ve worked closely with HACCP International to ensure we’ve reached the strict criteria required to earn the certification” said Travis Meade, Managing Director of CMTP.

“We have always had excellent quality control in our business and adding to this is our strict processes we have in place as part of our ISPM-15 Export certification. We thought why not go the extra mile and get our pallets certified to meet the ever increasing hygiene and quality demands of our food and
beverage customers.”

“It’s an important milestone within CMTP as we further cement our position as the most trusted pallet supplier to the food and beverage industries. We’re excited to be supporting the food industry with our high quality products.”

As a pallet supplier, CMTP have demonstrated their products are fit for purpose and have undertaken the due diligence required on behalf of their customer. They have successfully differentiated their products from their competitors.

CMTP have been the leading supplier of pallets for fresh produce, beverage, including dairy and packaged food for over 45 years. CMTP believed it was important to take the next step in mitigating risk for the food and beverage industry. As the key supplier of pallets, CMTP have worked in conjunction
with food suppliers to create a product that leads the way in product protection.

As an innovative organisation, CMTP have installed specialist equipment and machinery. Machines includes, automated ripsaws, heat treatment and drying kilns and semi-automated pallet machines. This has allowed CMTP to keep up with supply and demand and grow into an adaptive, exciting business
which listens to its customers. “This equipment has all been designed and manufactured with the special needs of the food and beverage industry in mind”

CMTP anticipate their HACCP International Product Certification will lead to new opportunities and peace of mind for their customers, new and old.

Website: www.cmtp.com.au

Phone: 1300 531 536

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