Award-winning innovators, Sherwin-Williams has developed a pouch packaging multi component format and extended the range for its industry-leading FasTop™ high performance flooring used throughout food factories and heavy industrial situations.

Available to purchase in Europe and the Middle East, the new FasTop  Multi four-pack format provides customers with the relevant colour, universal base and hardener supplied in pouches to go with the appropriate aggregate filler, facilitating quicker and easier installation with reduced waste.  The FasTop™ Systems range is extended with the new FasTop DP uniform textured system, FasTop Terrazzo decorative screed, FasTop WR coving and FasTop Primer which all utilise the new pouch packaging.

With industry-leading technical properties, the FasTop range delivers significant time-saving benefits for customers. For example, the FasTop system can be installed with a single application and takes just a matter of hours to cure and deliver a highly durable hygienic floor finish for industrial situations.

FasTop resin flooring provides a hard wearing, resilient and durable floor surface with a strong, permanent monolithic bond to a substrate which is resistant to abrasion and thermal shock including power washing and steam cleaning. An impervious surface is achieved with comprehensive resistance to chemicals and process liquids creating a finish which is hygienic and cleanable as certified by HACCP International as a food grade floor system.  With these products a superb adhesion and performance is achieved creating a long term solution which becomes part of a building. This is one of the sustainable aspects of these systems as they should never create future waste product being sent for landfill. PU screeds are fast to install with no seal coats or top coats being required as they are resin rich providing a hard wearing and resistant finish in a single application. Formulations include the use of natural vegetable oils which contribute to the products having an extremely low VOC content (volatile organic compounds). This is why these are the most promoted resin floor systems in food facilities which meet the standards demanded in this industrial sector.

Jeremy Waterhouse, Flooring Product Manager at Sherwin-Williams, commented: “FasTop systems are HACCP International certified and have a great track record. The innovative new pouch packaging and extended range offers major time and cost-saving advantages for projects in the food and beverage sector and other industrial areas with quicker installation times and reduced waste.”

In addition to easier application and time-saving advantages, the FasTop four-pack system ensures long-term floor protection and reduced costs through the use of innovative cementitious polyurethane resin technology. With improved compact packaging, customers benefit from reduced product and packaging waste, and a cleaner job site with much smaller space needed to store the new system.

The quick-curing FasTop range is certified as food safe by HACCP International which confirms it as ideal for use in food processing areas and commercial kitchens, as well as industrial heavy-duty traffic situations and chemical and pharmaceutical processing plants.

To learn more about the FasTop system or other high performance flooring systems visit the Sherwin-Williams website