The past year has increased scrutiny on hygiene in food processing – an industry with already rigorous standards.  However, research shows that 82% of food processors experienced reduced production capacity due to cross contamination based on non-compliance with food safety and hygiene protocols by the workforce within the last year.[1] Tork announce their new Washstation Dispenser, HACCP International certified and designed specifically to address challenges in the food processing environment. Read more 

The Tork Washstation Dispenser in Performance Design is a one-at-a-time paper wiper dispenser that offers a high-level water resistance and accommodates a large-capacity refill.  Designed from the ground up, the Tork Performance Washstation Dispenser fits seamlessly into your cleaning or HACCP protocols.

It’s built to withstand wet environments and does not require removal during spray-downs, keeping refills safe and hygienic for every use. And with a smooth, durable, plastic casing, it’s easier to maintain and keep clean.

Further information available on the Tork Washstation Dispenser product page.

[1] 2021 Survey conducted by PRS Invivo in March 2021. The survey covered in the US and Germany, with 100 respondents in each market